Our friends, Cyndi and Mike got married. Ain’t it sweet?

Ya know how when you meet someone later in life (like after middle school or college or whatever) and before you met them you thought you had all the good/best friends you really needed?  And then you meet that person and you think, ‘well..that’s pretty sweet. I have a new BFFL.” Well..that’s a long and inefficient way to let you all know how I feel about Cyndi Lucas, now Cyndi Stevens.  She walked out of our studio, after her initial meeting over a year ago, and Ben turned to me and said, ‘She’s already your favorite of next year, isn’t she?’.

well.. i mean…maybe.

Cyndi is funny, smart, cool, kind, loyal, absolutely f**king gorgeous, has more friends than anyone I know, and an absolutely amazing family.  Oh, and then there’s Mike. KIDDING!! Mike is amazing. Duh? All of their friends are blow-your-brains-out awesome (and that’s reeeal awesome), their party was hilaaaaaariously fun, and was truly the highlight of our season.  We loved every single second of being with Cyndi and Mike and we miss them already.  Cyndi has a crush on both of my photography companies, though, so I know I’ll see her again and again.

Cyndi and Mike and everyone who was at that wedding who’s reading this:  YOU GUYS F**KING ROCK!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!! WE MISS YOU!!! BEN AND I HAVE ONE HUGE CRUSH ON ALL OF YOU!!!!  If you’re not married, start saving your money because we’re shooting your wedding.  And we’re really expensive.:)

bring. love. enjoy.

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