Lindsey and Dave’s wedding? Ya, we killed that. ;)

Someone call the police because there was a (photographic) murder at The State Room.   And..Ben and I ALWAYS talk about how we could have done better.  Lindsey and Dave’s wedding?  This is as good as we can do.  Serious.  But, Lindsey and Dave gave us A LOT…. they’re a gorgeous, gorgeous couple.  They walked to their ceremony through the streets of Boston. Lindsey and her friends are RAD!!! (rad! rad! rad!)  Dave and his friends were incredibly cool and kind and super cool to Ben.  Ben couldn’t say enough about this group of guys.  He has never seen a group of men with a tighter bond or who were nicer or more supportive of each other and of the groom.  If you don’t mind me chiming in, they were also super hot.  I people at a wedding that Hitched Studios’ shot?  Good god, if I had known the demographic of that crew I would have worn a spandex cat suit to the gig. What?

OK, I’m not done.  This wedding was so good I have the GIGGLES writing this post.  Lindsey’s dad?  Don’t even get me STARTED….amazingly beyond kind and funny and cool.  Best Dad ever.  And I can say that because my Dad doesn’t even know what the internet is so I’m pretty safe there.   Lindsey’s mom, sister, brother, friends, husband, dress, face, friends….AMAZING!!!  Dave? I mean..stop it.  Super nice, super tall and gorgeous, killer awesome family, awesome friends, apparently a decent defensive player on the basketball court.

I’M NOT DONE!!!  Their party!?!?!  WAS INSAAAAAAANE!!!!!!  Ben and I smiled for nine hours straight.  Everyone had a blast, the dancing was hilarious and amazing.  sighhhh… I’m kinda sad it’s over, actually.

Lindsey and Dave?  We. Love. You.  SERIOUS!!!!!  Your wedding fed our souls, we couldn’t even sleep after it.  We wish you both a life full of passion for one another, endless love, tons of friends surrounding you both, dancing, laughing, smiles, and general happiness.  Oh, and a Celtics championship like…. every other year.


enjoy!  (this is our largest edit of Hitched Studios’ history so this is the largest blog post. Ever. Literally.)

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September 24, 2010 - 2:52 pm

lindsey steinberg hoffman - Your skills are incredible! The pictures from the wedding wildly exceeded my expectations; which were insanely high since I have stalked every wedding you have posted since first meeting in February – I mean, you guys MUST know you are amazing. These pictures make me want to put my wedding dress back on, force Dave into his tux and do it all over again EVERY weekend (with you guys there of course documenting everything). I have so much love for you guys!

September 25, 2010 - 5:42 pm

Naomi - I love these pictures!!! I’m in love with the couple, and I’m so sorry I missed the party!! Let me know when I can see more !

September 28, 2010 - 4:23 am

Karen Butcher - Love it!
I especially love the shot with the bride holding up her dress so that we could see her killer shoes!!
All of your pictures “take me there”
Great job once again to the both of you.

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