Paula and Chris: A new family and a trash the dress.

What a great idea THIS is:  Get married. Get a dog or a child or a ferret or whatever. Wait a couple of years.  Call us for a shoot.  Ask your animal and your husband to join you for half the shoot. Have a Trash The Dress shoot for the other half.

Hold me, rock me, love me. I love this.  And we LOVE Paula and Chris.  Five stars on our five star rating system. 😉 Paula and Chris got married in 2008 and they’ve been one of our favorite couples ever since.  Paula and Chris are so cool and gorgeous and smart and insaaanely photogenic.  Their puppy rocks, Salem rocks, they rock.  Life is good when we’re close to Paula and Chris.

Check it. Do it for yourself. Now booking February shoots: snow angels in your wedding dress.  You want it. Just admit it.

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