Cyndi’s Dresh. All kinds of trashed.

You know you’re utterly gorgeous when you look good in a hurricane…on the beach…in the freezing cold…in your wedding dress…and flip flops.  You’ll remember Cyndi from her engagement shoot HERE and her wedding HERE.

At this point Cyndi and Mike are not only clients, but great friends of ours which is such a sweet perk of the job!  Anyway, Cyndi and Mike and their puppies came to Boston on a…reeeeeeeeally windy day and trashed that dress of hers.   She was an amazing sport in all of this. It was cold, we were out there for a long time, and she never complained once.  Gorgeous and cool?  pssshhh….she’s all over that.

Enjoy. Thank you. Love.

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October 21, 2010 - 1:11 pm

Cyndi - Cares about wind, and hair, and goosebumps. love you two so much its stupid. Whats this?! a beloved shoot?! I need a bigger house with more walls.

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