Joanna and Dean: married at The Boston Public Library.

Hooty Hoo, I say.  Super psyched to post this wedding…for this bride…and this groom…and their families…and their friends.  What an amaaaaaaazing day.  Yowza.  Isn’t it awesome when you have really high expectations for something and you’re only not disappointed, but you’re down right blown away with HOW good it all turned out?  Yea, that’s how Joanna and Dean’s wedding was for us.  And them.  PERFECT September weather, tons of time to photographs this insaaanely good looking couple on Newbury Street, and a couple up for anything.  Oh, and…I almost forgot…hee hee… their wedding was at the F****** library!!!! Outdoor ceremony with Rabbi Lev. Ever heard of him?  You have now.  Make a note of it: he’s the coolest rabbi/human ever created.  Love this little nugget of matzah.:)

Ceremony and cocktail hour in the courtyard: big dose of not-suck there.  And their reception in the reading room.  Also not-suck.  This wedding was so good I was pumping my fist and yelling  running down Newbury Street.  Is that normal?  Sure it is. Boston loves that stuff. 😉

Enough of me, more of Joanna and Dean.  Enjoy!

thank you. love.

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October 21, 2010 - 7:55 am

Joanna Howarth - Yeah, that’s right. I called my buddy Manolo and told him to cross the street with me just for that photo. No big thing. :)

October 25, 2010 - 2:05 pm

Becca - Any wedding with a singing bride to top off the night is my kind of wedding~beautiful moments captured!

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