Emily and Garrett: engaged. And high school sweethearts.

Yup, get ready to have an almost uncomfortable crush on this couple.   Hee hee…and you don’t get to photograph their wedding.  Because WE’RE gonna!!

Emily is so pretty it almost makes my eye twitch.  The only thing more striking than her beauty is how insaaaanely nice she is. Like sweet, funny, adorable, loving, awesome, sweet.  Not like, ‘ya. she’s..ahhh..sweet?”  Garrett is so cool and so handsome I kept thinking, ‘ohhhh, THAT’S what an Italian marble sculpture looks like.’

Anyway, I’m sick of myself writing.  I love these two Smalls so much I want to hug their little hearts out.   Isn’t that terrifying?

Let’s look at some photography, shall we?

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October 31, 2010 - 12:58 pm

Emily - Tara + Ben – these pictures are to die for!! We could not be more pleased!! We’ve been sharing them all day long with friends and family and they are of course going nuts!! We literally could not be happier to have the 2 of you as our photographers!! I have never seen such talent and creativity :) Not to mention how comfortable you make us feel and your passion for what you do! I can’t even handle the times when Ben was up in a TREE and Tara was rolling around in the grass capturing the most awesome pictures!! These pictures bring us back to such a fun day we had with you! Can’t even imagine what kind of pictures you are going to take on our wedding day!! Ok – I’m rambling!! One last time – thank you thank you thank you!
You friends,
Emily + Garrett

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