Alyssa and Chris: a wedding.

Par.Tay.Yen.   Alyssa promised me, more than twice, that her wedding would be ‘the booziest’ one we have ever shot.  As a certified MassHole myself and a wedding photographer in Massa-drinks-a-lot, I thought that this was a lofty goal  and one that would not be met.

Oops. I was wrong. :)

All in all, it was an utterly gorgeous day in Boston; peak foliage, a perfect temperature, bright blue skies.  Alyssa was, of course, totally stunning, her shoes were signed by Manolo Blahnik,  and she and Chris were surrounded by awesome friends.  Preppies from sea to shining sea would be teary-eyed with joy at Chris’ pink bow tie and matching sox.  Ben had the whole crew on a little photo shoot on Boston Common and the pictures look awesome. The Omni Pahhkah House was the host of the party.  The best DJ we’ve heard in years spun the tunes.  Check ’em out: Entertainment Specialists.

Enough of me.  Let’s look at some pictures.  Enjoy. Thank you.

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