Caitlin and Sam. A New Year’s Eve Weddin’.

Man, this was SUCH a gorgeous wedding.  Where do I begin…

So, Caitlin and Sam were married at The (yes, *THE*) Country Club in Brookline.  Oh, you’re a member of another country club? So, you’re a member of *a* country club.  Whatever.  This is The Country Club, and it’s in Brookline.  duh.

There’s a gorgeous, rustic pond house at The Country Club which is where Caitlin’s uncle married her and Sam on New Year’s Eve.  It was a black tie event which looked so insanely beautiful in contrast to the rustic pond house.  I think it was the most beautiful ceremony we’ve ever photographed (I mean, BESIDES yours….;)).  The buses took the peeps back up to the main house to have an amazing dinner and dancing until we all rang 2011 in together.   New Year’s Eve weddings are so fun and this bad-larry was no exception.  Good people, tons of good food, tons of good music, tons of good everything.

Let’s look at some pictures, shall we….

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