Stowe ho ho.

So, the question really is…why didn’t YOU invite us to your bachelor/bachelorette party?  I mean…Pam and Chris thought highly enough of us to so why didn’t you? It’s Ben, isn’t it?  I know, I know.  I understand.

So, ya. Pam and Chris are getting married at The Mandarin in May and they invited us up for their big weekend with their (rad, smart, funny, cool, gorgeous, talented, athletic, fun) friends.  Was it fun?  I mean…kinda.  I guess we *SORTA* like partying with straight-up awesomeness.  If we have to.  I guess Ben is kinda good at photographing snow boarding (and skiing!), and I guess I sorta like being around a bunch of dudes that snowboard. And hot chicks that rock.  Listen up, people: Invite us to your parties.  We’ll rock it.   Take a look for yourselves.

(and a quick side note to gush a little bit. It’s been a while, but we’re still wedding photographers so we get to geek out on love just a lil. Pam and Chris are insanely, out of this world soul mates in love.  They are 500% compatible and weak for one another.   They’re gentle and kind and sweet and complimentary, they’re grateful and gracious to each other, they’re wildly attracted to one another and truly best friends.  It was a down-right honor to be able to be there with them for their big weekend, and it was inspiring to be around such a deep love.  The kind of love they have is the kind that has been muse for centuries around this globe. It’s what we all hope for, it’s what many of us search for.   It warmed my heart then and just writing about them gets me choked up.  Madly, deeply in love.  I hope the same for you, whoever is reading this.)

Anyway…enough of that.  Let’s look at some dern photos….

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