Laura and Andrew. Married.

Laura and Andrew set SUCH a great tone for our fifth season as Hitched Studios!  These two are in looooooove.  I mean  like crazy, soupy, teary kinda crap.  You’d love it. I loved it.  BEN loved it and we all know that Ben is practically dead on the inside.:)

These two people didn’t just come together as a couple at their wedding, their entire families found extensions of family in one another.  I know we all hope for this, but this was the real deal!!  It was AWESOME!!  And if you have been to as many weddings as we have (and you haven’t), you KNOW that a wedding that’s a full-on love fest is what makes a wedding really fun.   Think about it:  do centerpieces make a wedding fun, kids?  No, they don’t.  Pretty dresses? Kinda.  Good music?  OK, yes, but LOVE is what I’m talkin’ ’bout here.  And Laura and Andrew had that stuff in spades. It was a downright hug fest and Ben and I brought our cameras.

Dis is what we seen.




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