Carrie and Chris. Engaged in Spring.

Life is super sweet when the whole world is pink, isn’t it?  Spring in New England has arrived so the Arnold Arboretum was the obvious choice for Carrie and Chris’ engagement shoot.   They brought their CUUUTE little Boston Terriors (their baby and their new rescue pup!).  We had such a good time with these guys.  Chris and Carrie are two of the most sweet, smiley, honest, hard working, kind people we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  They’re easy going, up for anything, easy to please, and superbly in love.  Aww man, we love these two humans.  We love those two canines, too. Their wedding is in a month at The Liberty Hotel. Pinch me… an awesome and adorable couple in a killer venue.  Hooty hoo, it’s wedding season!!!!

Thank you to Carrie and Chris.  Enjoy. Love.




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