Erin and Mike. Engaged.

Erin and Mike are some seriously good sports.  Remember that one hot day last week?  Right after it was freezing cold for 8 months and right before it turned freezing again?   That was the day of Mike and Erin’s engagement shoot.  I had some seriously bright ideas of walking them all around the greater Boston area, and poor Erin was in high heels, skinny jeans, and her hair was all did super nice.  What she did not need was 500% humidity which is what she got.  She obviously rocked it, I obviously looked like I just ran five miles in my jeans. This is why I’m on this side of the camera.:)

Mike and Erin met at Holy Cross College and have been super sweethearts ever since.  They’re such a great couple: giggly, light, gorgeous, up for anything…and self deprecating  (being able to make fun of oneself is a gift Massachusetts residents acquire upon arrival and Mike had lots of it. We like Mike quite a bit).

They’ll be all married up nice this October at the chapel at Holy Cross this Rocktober.  Their party will be at The International in Bolton.  Can’t wait. Erin and Mike, we dragged you everywhere.  Thanks for being so ultra super rad.  See you soon. xoxo  Enjoy.


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