Anabelle, Christian, and Flaki.

Puerto Rican Barbie and Ken called us.  I mean Anabelle and Christian wrote us an email asking for an engagement shoot.:)  Anabelle and Christian are the two best looking Puerto Rican dentists on planet earth, never mind Boston.  They wanted to be photographed in their Cambridge neighborhood before they moved back home to PR next week.  We loved the idea of photographing them in their backyard essentially, and hope they’ll love these pictures forever and remember their time here in Boston.  Their Italian greyhound Flaki (‘skinny’ in Spanish) provided endless comedy and kisses during their shoot.   All in all it was a killer afternoon with a gorgeous Zakim Bridge lovin’ couple and their sweet puppy.   They still don’t have a wedding photographer for their wedding in Puerto Rico in March.  Gosh, I know of a wedding photography duo who would LOVE to photograph in Puerto Rico in March!!:)

Enjoy. Love. Thank you.




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