Lynn and Alan. Married.

So, I met Lynn right around the time I met my mother, father, and sister.  Which is to say I don’t know life without Lynn.  She and my sister were inseparable best friends through all of our childhoods.  She and her family were neighbors and great friends for as long as I can remember.  So….needless to say when she asked us to photograph her wedding I almost fell off my chair.  I know all her aunts and uncles, played doctor with her brother as a five year old (haahahahaa… HEY CRAIG!!), and felt like I lost my mom when Nancy, her absolutely amazing mama, died 12 years ago.   Her wedding was something I didn’t want to miss, to be able to photograph this for her was a real honor.

A’ight so we have some background.  Lynn is a very special person, truly has a heart of gold, and for the 36 years I’ve known her has been nothing but kind and loyal and light.  I love her in the deepest way.   She and Alan, her man whom she met at a Pats game four-ish years ago, were all wed up at the Sea Crest Resort in Falmouth.  It was an absolutely perfect June day and I wouldn’t have wished it on anyone better.  They partied, karaoke’d, danced hard, sang hard, and loved hard.  It was such a fun day.   Here’s how we saw it.

enjoy. thank you. love.



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