Molly and Jim. Married.

YAAAAY!  Molly and Jim’s wedding!  This career is full of anticipation…we meet with a couple, fall in love with them, and then have to WAIT.  Something tells me you know just how I feel!  Anyway, Molly and Jim’s wedding absolutely rocked.  The whole shindig was held at the New Bedford Whaling Museum and it was such a great space!  Their ceremony was one of our favorites: lots of laughs and sweetness and personality.  They had two readings:  one from Dead Poet’s Society and the other from Calvin and Hobbs.  I mean, we missed hearing one of our favorites: ‘woman from the 12th rib of a man’ kindof wisdom, but ya know… it’ll be back.:)  The space of the whaling museum was great…not sure about you, but we’ve never photographed through the rib cage of a whale.  Molly and Jim are super fun and light and goofy and funny so their wedding space had to be unique and special.   They danced with their awesome friends all night, drank good beer, made LOTS of great expressions (thank you, Molly!!) and were surrounded by love and support.  We loved it. We love them. Boom, it’s like that.

Thank you. Enjoy. Love.




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