Lisa and Dan. Married and awesome? yup.

So, I photograph lots of good friends in my other gig: T.Spoon Photography. It’s very rare that I photograph a good friend’s wedding.  Most of my peeps got married when I was…well.. your age, young reader.   Lisa is a very good friend of mine and when she told me she was engaged, before I said congratulations, I told her (yes, told her) that I would be photographing her wedding.  I think my exact words were ‘either we’re photographing your wedding, Lisa, or I won’t go.”  Aren’t I a good and understanding friend? eeesh.

So, if I were to sit here and write about Lisa and how much I like her I’d write a novel.  Lisa is…ahh…welll… Lisa is the best.  When I met her mom at her wedding I was extolling Lisa’s virtues and said something along the lines of, ‘Lisa is harder working, a better athlete, smarter, prettier, more fit, more well traveled, more successful and more liked than I am and I STILL like her!”  In fact I love Lisa and have since the day we met eight years ago.  We’ve had countless adventures and hilarious evenings, we’ve shared travel and boy stories, endless dinners, many runs and hikes and workouts.   I love this woman in the deepest way.  I met her man, Dan, in NYC a few years ago and basically turned to Lisa and told her she’d be marrying him.  Which she already knew.  Dan is Lisa with shorter hair and different plumbing. This couple is so insanely adored it’s RIDICULOUS.   God, I hate not being the most popular girl in a room.  😉

Their wedding was at a winery in the finger lakes in upstate New York. It was GORGEOUS, the weather was perfect, Lisa looked fierce, Dan looked like a tux model, and THEIR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS!?!?!? GAHHHHHH!!!  STOP IT already.  Fell in LOVE with Lisa’s girlfriends.  Straight up best friend necklace kindof material.  With ALL of ’em.   And their families?!?  It’s no wonder where these two gems came from: two loving, adoring, supportive, fun, wonderful homes.  GAH, I’m choked up again.

OK, so I bawled.  I mean BAWLED through her ceremony.  Watching one of your best friends walk down the aisle, as you all know, is soooo (expletive) emotional!!  Her angelic sister, Suzanne, sung Amazing Grace.  I mean, WHAT?!?!?  Ben was crying, you guys.  Me, I was double pump crying.   Her father daughter dance broke out in a high energy medley of songs from every decade since the 50’s.   People were literally screaming in joy!!  And her first dance with Dan had be double pump crying again.  Joy and deep love…no dance lessons, kids…just two people embraced moving to music staring at each other, holding each other, kissing each other, feeling the love in the room.  Save the money on the dance lessons and look in his eyes.

Lisa?  Lisa, my love.  You are like a sister to me I love you so much.  It honors me in a way I cannot tell you that I am able to give you these photographs.  I will be your friend until we leave this earth. And then some.  You are good to everyone you meet, you have more integrity and loyalty and kindness than almost anyone I know.  You deserve this love and this life you are creating.  Watching you love Dan made me weak with happiness.  I want for you what yours and Dan’s parents have: a love that gets stronger and deeper every year of your lives.  You are blessed.  And so am I.  I am so insanely proud to be your friend.  So insanely proud.  Thanks for keeping me around.

bawling again.

Love. Thank you. Enjoy.





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July 10, 2011 - 5:19 pm

Rosanna Domino - Tara & Ben: GORGEOUS! Beyond Muffin-y!

Thank you to both of you..

-Dan’s little sister,

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