Amelia and Stephen. Married in Philadelphia.

I graduated from Marshfield High School with Amelia… a couple of years ago…and we also share a soul mate in Kate Skypeck.  Though it took us longer than it should have to figure out that we too are awesome friends, it’s certainly pretty sweet now that we’re here.   About 10 years ago Amelia married her first love, Bob Pollard, in his backyard in Marshfield.  I hear it was a gorgeous day in October and they were surrounded by their daughter Hope and their wonderful circle of friends and family who adored the pair.   I didn’t know Bob myself, but it’s pretty easy to figure out that he was the coolest guy in town.  He was the guy who opened the first surf shop in Marshfield and the guy who advocated for the first skate park.  He’s *that* cool.  A few years after they were married they gave birth to Perry (short for Peregrin, the first baby born to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower).  One night when their babies were very young, Bob died suddenly in their home from an unknown heart condition.  Needless to say, there were many years of deep sorrow for a woman who only deserves the very best this world has to offer.

Time heals.

Amelia and Stephen met.  Stephen is what you’ll find when you look up the combined words: classy, handsome, well dressed, sophisticated, smart, fun, and generous.   He and Amelia have a blast together and they love each other very much.  He’s super great with Hope and Perry, he’s incredibly generous with everyone he loves, and he’s just an all around awesome guy.  He’s from Philadelphia so as an homage to his mama who just recently passed, they held their wedding in that (AWESOME!!!!!) city of brotherly love.  Who forgot to tell me I belong in Philadelphia, by the way?  I almost hugged the place.  It’s grungy in a cool way, full of bars that open at like 9am, all the girls have tattoos, father issues, and are only moderately attractive,  and the black dudes dig it. Hello?  Totally my kind of town.

They got married outside, essentially on the side walk, and held their dinner reception for 30 of their most beloved at The Ritz.  Everything about this day was sooo  them: sophisticated, classy, and FULL of style and good taste.  It was, without a doubt, a major highlight of our careers.  Their ceremony was totally unconventional (and INCREDIBLY emotional as you can imagine), their party was super chill and really classy… and they let Ben and I sit with the guests and have fancy food and champagne (and margaritas!).  There wasn’t a single thing I didn’t love about this day.

Amelia’s dad (who was born in the wrong century and should have been Abe Lincoln’s bestie) made a toast to her and Stephen at the party.  He honored Bob and his children and he talked about how his beautiful daughter has always held tightly to the reigns of happiness.  No matter how far she fell off the merry-go-round of a happy life, she always, always found a way to find happiness and light again.    She surely has held tightly to those reigns of happiness and man oh man has it found her again.  She is more beautiful every day, more radiant, more in love.  Every day.

Bob, I didn’t know but I have to give you props… you’re still taking care of your girl and your kids.  Nice choice in Stephen. The porsche was a nice touch:)  I hope those waves in heaven are as fun to ride as I imagine.

Here’s to love. Here’s to time.  Here’s to perseverance. Here’s to happiness.  Here’s to Amelia and Stephen.

Here’s to life.

enjoy. thank you. love.




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