Diana and Marc. Married.

YAAY!  Diana and Marc’s awesome sauce of a wedding!  We really liked this wedding for a few reasons: well, one because we really like Diana and Marc.  They’re suuuuper nice.  Like crazy nice.  Nice to everyone about everything.  Kindof annoying, right? No, they’re not even that.  They’re just sweet.  Get the picture or do I need to continue to add the word nice to this paragraph?:)  Another reason we dug this gig is because their wedding was super traditional and had all sorts of very traditional elements, but we find Diana and Marc really modern and hip…and it was held at the Seaport which gave the whole vibe a little modern twist.   We like.  They got married in the North End at the church Diana’s mother, aunts, grandmother, etc all got married.  THAT was obviously super cool and way traditional.  See where I’m going with this? Cool AND traditional?  Can you dig?  I can’t think of another thing to write about this pretty wedding of this beautiful young woman and this handsome young man.  And this is precisely the moment, my dear reader, that I’m so happy I’m a photographer.  Let’s look at some pictures.  That should fill in the blanks.

Thank you deeply to Diana and Marc, their families and their friends.  We had a wonderful time.  A huge shout out and thank you to Laura McSparron who was holdin’ that dance floor down something fierce lookin’ stunning.  Thank you for this referral.:)

thank you. enjoy. love.




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