Emily and Garrett. Married.

So, Emily and Garrett might be our most “famous” couple on our blog because of their engagement shoot. I’d see friends of mine from another state and they’d ask me about the girl with the blue sweater dress.  Yes, yes it’s true, Emily is absolutely gorgeous.  She’s also madly in love with Garrett, her high school sweetheart.:)sorry guys.

Their wedding was chock full o’ sentiment, love, and style.   Let’s see here…  Emily didn’t overlook a single detail right down to the adorable ‘here comes the bride’ sign that her god son held.  Her great grandmother was a seamstress who apparently had thousands of buttons.  These buttons from Emily’s great grandmother were made into everything from the guy’s boutonnieres to center pieces on the tables and place settings.  Their ceremony was held in Garrett and Emily’s home town church in Leominster and their reception was held in Barre, Ma at the Harding Allen Estate.

What’s most important, and what we’ve said 5,000 times is this: it really didn’t matter what adorned the place settings, now did it? It didn’t matter where it was held or how fancy the alcohol was.  Their wedding was a blast because Emily and Garret had a blast, they danced all night long, and they’re madly in love with each other. I’m tellin’ ya, that’s the only thing that matters.   Oh, and a huge shout out to all of their friends, their wedding party, and both of their amazing families.  You are all blow my mind gorgeous, funny as hell, and super sweet.  We hope to see you all again soon.

Love to you, Em and Garr.  See you ’round the way, no doubt.   Love. Thank you. xoxo



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