Mark and Emily. Married.

Mark and Emily’s wedding was so super sweet.  First of all it was scheduled to be on the rooftop garden of the Marriott in Cambridge, but was moved inside due to…due to absolute torrential rain.  I love it when this sort of thing doesn’t even phase the couple. No one mentions it, no one cares, the focus is on what really matters:  the fact that they’re marrying the person they love the very most. Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised…

Their wedding was on a (sunny on the inside) Sunday afternoon and it was so very sweet.  Their celebration was full of happy little kids, and happy big kids for that matter, and lots and lots of love.  Mark’s sister, brother and dad wrote and performed a song for them sung to the tune of Ladybug Picnic.  It was so insanely thoughtful and kind Ben and I were utterly choked up.  Well, I was in a full-blown sob and Ben was touched, but you know what I meant.  Mark and Emily are kind, smart, beautiful, loved and in love.  It was just the kindof wedding we like to photograph. Enjoy. Thank you. Love.\




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