Jenny and Tony. Married.

Always nice to make new friends by photographing their wedding, ya know?  Seems almost too good to be true when this sort of thing works out for us. Lucky for us it is true (and too good!).

A’ight..where to start.  Jenny and Tony are superiorly good looking, smart, funny, and super cool. It’s kindof annoying but it’s not because they’re awesome and they like me so I get to say that people like that like me.  It works.:)  They’ve been together for something like 7 years, and they set up one of our favorite couples ever, Joanna and Dean. In fact, Jenny and Tony were in Jo and Dean’s wedding party last year.

I digress.  Jenny and Tony’s wedding was held at Chesters in Lawrence.  I know what you’re thinking…Lawrence? mmmm, I bet it’s nice there this time of year. Well, guess what?  IT IS!  Wanna know why?  Because NO ONE IS THERE!!!  The whole thing is a Hitched Studios photo backdrop (hey thanks Lawrence!) and we had a blast.  Jenny and Tony gave us tons of time to photograph them (key!) and they put a lot of importance on the photographs (also key!) sooo.. so their final edit was 900 photographs. Excessive? Possibly.

Their wedding was crazy  rad.  It had all the elements Ben and I always love:  outdoor ceremony (yum!!), really unique location (run down mill town for all you guys not familiar with Lawrence.  Seen The Fighter? It’s the town next to that town), stations of unique, fun, yummy, interesting, in-style food instead of a sit down dinner (sit down dinners are long, the energy usually drops, and the food usually blows…unless you’re the person who likes a pile of mashed potatoes as big as your face and a mountain of glazed carrots. Gag me with a coronary. Serious.) a hot hoppin’ band (Night Rhythm), free booze (obviously), and gorgeous fun friends who like to dance (hollah everyone!!!).  Oh oh OH, and families to DIE FOR!!!  Yes yes yes, awesome families indeed.

So, ya…apparently I just took an extra dose of honesty with this post.  Wouldn’t change a thing, I say.  Jenny and Tony? pppssshhhh, forgetaboutit.  No need to get mushy now, we have a whole lifetime of memories and friendship ahead of us, now don’t we.

Big up.  See ya soon. wink wink nudge.

thank you. love. enjoy.



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