We are away from the office…. and at Burning Man. :)

Greetings from my home as we wait for Tropical Storm Irene to pass overhead.    I’m super anxious to start our 48 hour car ride to Gerlach, Nevada because I know what awaits us at the end of the journey.  I went to Burning Man for the first time last year and I have been a different person since.  Ben and I are making the journey in his new car with our two great friends, who just so happen to be gorgeous identical twin sisters.  What’s more fun to bring to a big party than a set of twins!! heh heh heh

What is Burning Man and why do we go?  Here’s a great 10-photo slide show that will hopefully answer your questions: Here!

We will be gone from August 28th to September 8th and pretty much unavailable during that time.    If you are interested in hiring us for 2012 and beyond, that is AWESOME!!  Thank you.    Just an FYI:  Our prices start at $4000 and an average package is between $5000 and $7500.  We are totally booked for Saturdays in August and September of 2012.  We have two Saturdays in July open and two Saturdays in October open.  We have plenty o’ availability outside of those Saturdays, however!

So, that’s that.  Wish us luck and safety and fun and creativity and love and inspiration and laughter and new friends and lots of dancing and old friends and limitlessness and possibility and happiness and all things good.  We love you guys.  We’ll see you in September.  Peace.


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