Whitney and Scott. Married.

Every once in a while….like three times in our entire careers as Hitched Studios…Ben and I watch a couple and wish we had something just like that: a deep friendship, a deep love, tons of laughter, tons of friends, and a lifetime of fun.  Whitney and Scott have all ‘dat.  Their wedding was insanely fun.  As one of their friends yelled to the few people sitting in the outside area of their reception: ‘It’s like a Deadmau5 concert in there!!!”

I kinda think the photographs say it all.  They had a perfect Saturday afternoon in August, their reception was at The Landing at Pine Point in Maine, they’re madly in love with one another and with their friends and family.  They have everything anyone could ever ask for in life.  Simple as that, I suppose.

Enjoy. Thank you. Love.



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