Betsy and Jared: a wedding and a hurricane.

If rain brings good luck on your wedding day, Betsy and Jared had super SUPER good luck on their wedding day.  They were married pretty much in the eye of Hurricane Irene.  How lucky is THAT?!?!? 😉  Honestly though, I have to pause and give some serious props to Betsy and Jared right about now.  Do you have *any* idea how many girls would have been down right b’zilla if this happened to them?!  hahahaha, I can think of like six chicks who would have had a bonafide temper tantrum if their wedding was during Hurricane Irene.  What did they and their friends do?  Well, what else…they bought a lobster umbrella for every person in the wedding party and WENT OUTSIDE for gorgeous rainy day photographs!  What else, you ask?  Oh, ya know..the usual… Betsy and Jared stood in the rain OVER A STEAM VENT for way too long so we could get a gorgeous Super Hero-esque shot.  The *only* thing she said that afternoon was, ‘umm..the steam is getting caught in my dress and it’s really, really hot.”.  I mean, *WHAT*!?!?   Gawwwd, they’re rock stars in the fullest effect.

So, ya…details.  They were married (both ceremony and partay) at The Lenox Hotel, I mentioned the hurricane, ya? I mentioned that they’re both nurses at BIDMC (figures, right?  Nurses ROCK!!!!!!).  Let me also mention that they were surrounded by friends and family who love them DEARLY, they laugh easily, they’re two of the nicest people we’ve ever photographed, they’re way in love, and they’re stupid gorgeous.

Ya, ya…another tough day at the office for Hitched Studios.

Enjoy. Thank you. Love.




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September 28, 2011 - 6:37 pm

Tobin - Dude. That shot of her dawning her wedding is friggin’ amazing. Keep on rockin’.


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