Meg and Ryan. (not Meg Ryan). Engaged.

This  is one of those times I wish I didn’t (always) speak in hyberbole because Meg and Ryan absolutely ROCCKKKKK!!!!!!!  So insanely out of this world funny, so giggly, so fun, so in love, so sweet, so easy going, so kind, so gorgeous.  Good gawd, we love this couple.   We found them at another absolutely awesome couple’s wedding, Kristina and Charles.  Their initial meeting with us was like two hours long and I think I hung on to his ankle when they left.  Their wedding is in September, but I wish it was tomorrow so I could hang with them again.  Oh, and Ryan was a gymnast as a kid which is why he can do so much awesome stuff. We met at Haymarket and took a loop ’round the area.  We could have been anywhere, all we did was laugh and smile (and Ryan did back flips).

Take a peek. Fall in love.

Thank you. Enjoy. Love.




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