Liz and Zach. Married.

I got in the car after this wedding, turned to Ben and asked if I could admit something.  “I think that was my dream wedding.” I admitted.  Something I have *never* said.  Gahhhhh, this wedding was INSANELY beautiful.  Yowza.

Kate Parker Weddings designed this gorgeous wedding, it was held at GreyStone Manor in Maine, a private home on the most gorgeous plot of land in all of Maine, and it was held on the most beautiful day in September.

Just check out this CAKE…the ceremony, the paper flower arbor, the amazing cocktail party… the whole shebang.

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone more kind and generous than Liz and Zach, too.  They are *such* wonderfully kind and smart and lovely people.  The whole day was an absolute joy.

Enough of me, let’s look at some photos. Enjoy! Thank you! Love!




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