Erin and Mike. Married up nice.

Erin and Mike are two of the most rude, unattractive, and unloved people we’ve ever photographed.

Naaa, I’mjustkidding.

Erin and Mike, honestly, are probably one of my favorite couples of all time.   They are so incredibly beyond kind and generous and cool and respectful and SUPER low key and confident and smart and in love and just downright wonderful.  It’s no wonder because their families are insanely awesome.  Talk about a marriage that is going to absolutely last a lifetime!

Their wedding was rad.  The ceremony was on the campus of Holy Cross where they met while they were students there and their reception was over at The International Country Club in Bolton.  It was on that 85-degree October day we had and the day was absolutely perfect.   Erin is such a classic beauty it was so fun to photograph her.  During the ceremony AND the speeches the priest, and then the speaker, commented on how gorgeous she looked.  In response she threw her hands up and shrugged in this, ‘Well.. I mean…I would hope’s my wedding day and I just paid a bunch of money to look this good.”  It was just such a funny and cool way to respond to so much adoration.   And halfway through the ceremony she changed into the hottest dress ever. We love her.

So, ya….here it tis. Erin and Mike’s wedding.  Enjoy! Thank you! Love!





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