Boyoung and Dan. An elopement.

Anyone planning a wedding can absolutely see the virtue in turning this whole thing into an elopement and spending all the money on a big trip (or a home or paying off student loans or…).  It just takes some guts and being on the same page with your partner.  Boyoung and Dan had everything they needed *and* a trip to the Maldives so away they went on a Thursday morning in early January.  They exchanged vows at Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA and their ceremony was given by Boyoung’s high school counselor turned good friend, Becky.  They didn’t have a cake so Becky ran out to buy the happy couple some doughnuts (which are their favorites, they even have a doggy named doughnut!).  The ceremony was gorgeous and understandably intimate, Boyoung looked amaaazo-sauce, and there was lots of love and happiness. We ran around the vacant restaurant and the absolutely gorgeous grounds and had a blast.  Here’s what we saw.  Thank you. Enjoy. Love.




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