Rebecca and Spenser. Married.

So, before you start wracking your brain for who Rebecca looks like it’s either a Precious Moments doll or Chelsea Clinton.  I say Precious Moments.

OK, so as the Randolph lore has it Ben Wight was over the Lee household the day Spenser was brought home from the hospital as a newly born sweet pea Spenser Lee.  The Lees and the Wights are very close old family friends and we were thrilled to know that we’d be photographing this wedding.   The celebration was supposed to be held at The Sapphire Estate, but it was undergoing construction so The Sapphire put their show on at Stetson Hall in Randolph.  Which, by the way, was rad.  It reminded us of The Topsfield Commons for a fraction of the price, I’m sure. Awesome stuff.

SO, ya…this wedding was absolutely rad.  We smiled and ran around and had a blast every second of the evening.  Rebecca and Spenser are high school friends, they have amazing families, killer friends, they’re absolutely ADORABLE, and super crazy oh-ma-god cool and nice.  It was a dream wedding, what else can I say?

Enjoy. Thank you. Love….



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