Amy and Jim. Married.

Amy and I met eight years ago on side by side StairMasters if I remember it correctly.  It was there that the life long friendship formed.  She would show me websites of photographers she had heard of, I would tell her my crazy travel stories, we’d both cry about boys.  I went to photography school, she moved to New York City, years have gone by.  The friendship, however, does..not..quit.   Amy is  loyal, kind, smart, honest, and all around lovely.  She met Jim (equally as insanely awesome) at the lake they both summer at in New Jersey, and by all accounts it was love at first sight.  These two cats are so insanely, deliciously in love it’s borderline sickening. Even for a wedding photographer.:)

Their love was fast and furious and within a year they were engaged and within months of that they were married.  Why wait when you know, ya know? They got married overlooking Manhattan surrounded by all the people who love them.  It was a great wedding and the love was deep.

Amy and Jim, here’s to the raddest life on Planet Rad.  Timing is everything, my loves, and you found each other right when you were supposed to.  Ain’t love sweet.

I’ll get those thank you notes out to those other dudes in the morning. 😉

thank you. enjoy. LOVE!!





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