Elizabeth and Matt. Married up sweet.

Soo….. Elizabeth and Matt are like the nicest funnest people ever.  And hahht damn they had fun at their wedding.  Booty slappin, dance floor grindin’ fun.  Their reception was at the Barn at Gibbet Hill and their ceremony was ‘cross the street at this super sweet, old timey church. As soon as their ceremony was over it snowed perfectly for all of twenty minutes.  Just enough time for Ben to grab some snowy portraits of the love birds.  Of course she stood out in the freezing snow for 15 minutes without a single complaint.  Read that, girls?  No complaining about the cold. Or the heat. Or anything. Just sayin’. 😉

Their wedding was perfect…it was full of suuuper nice people, lots of love, good music, plenty o’ booze, good food, and red velvet cupcakes.  Comes to find out Elizabeth was on Wheel of Fortune and she won on the puzzle ‘red velvet cupcakes’.  Hahahaha, how rad is THAT!?

Enjoy. Thank you. Love.



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