Leslie and Seth. Joined in matrimony.

As far as I can tell Leslie and Seth are a couple of giggle monsters.  They met, if I understand it correctly, either ON their trip around the world or met and then went around the world together.  Either way, utter rad factory.  They live in La Gran Manzana, but they had their wedding here at Omni Parker House.  They got married on their dating anniversary. Which is amazing whilst also being nauseating due to the cuteness.

What else?  I mean… look at the pictures.  They’re awesome. hahhaa, I meant the couple not the pictures.  The pictures are good and all, but far be it from me to point at my own photograph and demand, ‘LOOK AT IT! It’S AWESOME!”….

Leslie and Seth were married in March, they’re both smart and beautiful and in love and successful and way adored.  All good stuff.  The rest can be told in some pictures… so let’s do that together, shall we?

thank you, enjoy, love.



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