Jen and Mark. Not only are they utterly rad, they’re also married.

Like, what?!?  Why does God make people like Mark and Jen and then put them together?!  Ya know why?  Because good people deserve great things, that’s why.

Jen and Mark met on the Cape years and years ago when they used to get Cape Cod style shwasted on the beach.  Like ya do.  They have like five thousand friends (each) and everyone loves them both.  They are, without a doubt, so fun, so giggly, so utterly cool, and so inclusive and kind.  No wonder everyone likes them. People like me because they’re afraid of the consequences, people like Mark and Jen because they’re awesome to be around. 😉

Anyway, Mark moved into Jen’s place as her roommate.  SCUM BAG!!!! 😉  And then apparently soon after they went to the grocery store and the rest is history.  No, really.  They mentioned this grocery store trip in every speech AND IN THE CEREMONY.   I personally filled in the blanks and I think they had sex in the parking lot.  I don’t even care if that’s true because that’s what I’m going to tell everyone.  I just did. It’s the internet.

So, back to God loving these two. They got married at The Wequassett Inn in Chatham.  Every been there?  It’s insane. It’s not Cape-ish at all.  And by that I mean it’s modern and stylish and worldly.  DOH! Did I just say that?  It’s not to say you can’t wear your cloth belt with critters on it, double popped collars, and red-ish pants.  It’s just ready for normal people, too.  I KID, I KID.  I’m actually not kidding at all.

Ya, so they got married there in April and it straight-up felt like a summer day; sunny, warm, bright, perfect.  It was such a good day.

They had Night Shift as their band and their food was delicious.  Night Shift, by the way, rocked it as usual.  They be a way good band.

There ya have it, kids.  Mark and Jen?  What?  How much do I love you?  It’s not normal.  I get sweaty, nervous, flush, I laugh.  There’s no way around it, I have a couple crush.

big love. today, tomorrow, and always for you two and all your people. AWWWWL y’people.





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