Ali and Dan have an engagement to be all kinds of wed.

Ali and Dan’s personal 2012 is the fast track to adulthood, don’tchyaknow.  They just bought a house in the burbs AND they’re getting married in November.   My personal arrested development is really in awe of this kind of thing.  Like in a good way.  Like when you watch sushi chefs use their knives.  That kind of awe. What a fun and exciting time for these Littles,  I’m super psyched for them.

These two are super cute, I’m digging on their height difference and how they look when they hug and wrap their arms around each other to walk.   I like couples.

So, it’s summer here in Beantown so the weather be grand.  Last weekend was no exception.  Here’s what we saw.

Thank you. Enjoy. Love.




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