Michelle and Elvis. Ya, Elvis. Like Presley, but alive.

I feel like I’m going to get in trouble for the whole Elvis, but alive comment.  Not sure if I care.  I actually kinda want to get in an email exchange with a rabid Elvis Presley fan now that I think of it.  That’d be awesome.  Americana meets trashy meets rock and roll.  I’m actually pretty psyched about it at this point.

Where was I?  Michelle and Elvis are engaged.  Michelle, more importantly, is one of Ben Wight’s oldest friends/ex partners in crime.  Literally. 😉   Michelle is a bad ass, gorgeous hair dresser and Elvis is a rock and roll singer who’s about to be the first person ever to be a white guy with a black guy’s sound.  Stop it, Tara.  Elvis is an electrical engineer who’s ridiculously cool and laid back and funny and successful and nice and I love this dude.  I love her, too, but Ben already told me that I can’t have her as a bestie because she’s his bestie.

We went to their *rad* home in Carver (not Canton) and shot like the world was going to end.  Then we went to the electrical power lines so we could try to levitate.  Instead we just took a bunch of photographs.  You’ll see…

You guys, thank you. We love you.  We’ll see you in September. We can’t wait.




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