Lindsey and Josh. a weddin on Martha’s Vineyard.

what what, this *might* be the prettiest wedding we ever did shoot.  The wedding was at The Beach Plum Inn on Martha’s Vineyard, but more importantly the wedding was for Lindsey and Josh, two of the coolest, most fun people on Planet Earth.  I love these guys, I love their friends, I love their families, I loved their wedding.  Everything was so perfect for their day.  The inn sleeps 85 people so most of their guests stayed right there with them, they had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, and the dinner and dancing was right there at the Inn.  It’s the kind of setting we always wish we could shoot in.

I could go on and on with how much I dig this couple, but the gist is this: they’re smart and fun and hilarious and successful and kind and cool and open and adventurous and they’re really really really in love.  It sure was nice just to be around them.

Thank you both very, very much.  I’ll see you again when you have yourselves some Smalls.

thank you. love. enjoy.



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July 20, 2012 - 4:22 pm

laura - ohmahgah!!! that dress! dying. <3 these!

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