Kaitlin and Fazal. Engaged.

hoot hoot, Kaitlin and Fazal are all engaged and stuff.  They met at Tavern On The Water in Charlestown.  Where one goes to meet their spouse, of course.  I mean, when me and my friends went we ended up quasi black out drunk and I *kinda* remember taking a water taxi with a bunch of people.   I digress.

They met there now they live together in Charlestown.  They live their lives exactly how Ben Affleck portrayed the town of Charelestown in The Town.  They’ve now robbed like three banks.  Don’t tell anyone.   Well, that and they’re part of the sailing club.

Aaaanyhooo, they’re engaged.  They’re super sweet, and these are some of our favorite photographs from their shoot.

Thank you. Enjoy. Love.



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