Liz and Todd. Married up real nice like.

Hooty hoo, our friends Liz and Todd got married!  You may remember this happy couple from their engagement shoot. They’re a super awesome couple whom I first met when I was in my bathrobe.  Too many balls in the air left me confused (shocking) and I thought Liz and Todd had cancelled their meeting so i got in the shower… only to have Liz and Todd then show up.  Me sans clothing.  It was a quick friendship, what can ya do.   Anyway, Liz has a great food blog called Blog Is The New Black. There you can find any and all recipes your yummy heart ever did desire.

Aaaanyway…their wedding was in Cohasset at The Red Lion Inn and their tunes were DJ’d by the really awesome Cracker Jack Entertainment.  Gotta getchyaself some of that.  Good DJs are a rare find.  Find this one.

Liz and Todd’s wedding was a raucous good time and everyone was lit up like a christmas tree and spinning themselves sideways.  Sounds like a party to me.  It was super fun because their friends are rad and know how to have a killer time.  Hence a good wedding. :)Watch and learn.

You guys, thank you. Love. Enjoy. xoxo




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