Stephanie and Chris. Married.

Stephanie and Chris has whatchya might cal a perfect wedding day.  I’m always amazed when the weather behaves around here and gives a perfectly deserving couple a 73 degree and sunny day.  I think this is part of Tangorra Wedding Planning’s magic powers if ya ask me.  Hell, they do everything else!:)  Chris and Stephanie got married at The Ritz in Boston, and get this: because they held their wedding there the Ritz gave (“gave”) them a few nights in the Ritz in Barcelona.  Isn’t that rad?  I want to go to Barcelona!

Anyway, their wedding was way killer and thanks to Tracy at Tangorra Wedding Planning the day was sooo chill and smooth.  Their ceremony was at The Old State House which is always a super cool place to get married and then we walked down Washington Street to The Ritz.  Stephanie and Chris met while working at TJX (which also owns Marshalls) so we got some photographs there as we walked by.  And Pepe their beloved chihuahua couldn’t make the nuptials they honored him with a glass sculpture.  Naturally. :)

Thanks so much, guys.  You’re super funny and fun and rad.  We loved every second of your wedding day. F’real.. xoxo




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