Ana and Bill. A Martha’s Vineyard wedding.

I’m not sure how we keep getting so lucky this year with the Martha’s Vineyard wedding thing, but I like it.  I do have to ask though, where Nantucket at?

Ana and Bill were married on the Vineyard at The Old Whaling Church and then partied next door at The Daniel Fisher House.  You don’t get much more quintessential and quaint New England than that, do you? Oh wait, yes you do.  You have a clam bake with it.  Not to worry, they had that, too.  Family Crest Catering out of Marshfield (big ups for my home town) rocked that hard.

This wedding was so beautiful we sortof felt like we were cheating.  Ana and Bill have a super sweet way of looking at each other *and* their a really good looking couple, and let’s face it… we were on the Vineyard with really nice cameras.  All we had to do was point it at these two and the shot was good.

Enough of all this talkin’, let’s look at some pictures.  Enjoy. Thank you. Love.



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