Elizabeth and Matt. Engaged.

Hooty hoo, high school sweethearts getting married!  I love this crap.  I’m from a small town so I have a few friends who married their high school boyfriends (and goin’ strong!) so I always love to be able to photograph such a cool thing: a couple who literally grew up together.  Elizabeth and Matt went to high school ’round here at brother/sister private high schools.  Life brought them this way and that, but five years ago they started their most recent chapter together in La Gran Manzana (NYC ;)).   They’ll be getting married in June on the Cape, they have lots of friends and family here in MA so when they were here on a visit last weekend we photographed them all cozy in love.  Matt and Elizabeth are both extremely smart and funny, loving and fun, gorgeous and cool.  It was so super fun just getting to know them a little bit and I’m really excited for what will surely be an extremely fun wedding.   I know this because peeps like Elizabeth and Matt tend to attract others jussssst like ’em.   We’ll be there to photograph it, can’t wait!

Thank you guys.  Enjoy. Love.




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