Claire and DJ. Engaged. NYC.

Sighhhhh…. we got to shoot in Central Park.  Check that one off the Things To Do In This Life list (refuse to use the phrase bucket list).   DJ’s sister is Joanna who is one of our good friends and one of our favorite clients.  You may remember her wedding which is right HERE.  Anyway, she threatened to not attend DJ’s wedding if he didn’t hire us.  Needless to say we’re shooting his wedding.   DJ and his beautiful, smart, super sweet fiancee Claire live in the Upper West Side so it was our great pleasure to take the train down to photograph in one of our favorite places on earth.  It was SUCH a fun shoot and we loved every second of our trip.  I managed to work in some shopping, an overpriced dinner, and a cool hotel room.

DJ and Claire will be married in a year so we’ll be back in la gran manzana.  We’re super psyched, we can’t wait.

Thank you to both of you.  See you soon.  Love. Enjoy!



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October 22, 2012 - 5:41 pm

Joanna Howarth - Tara and Ben, you guys are GENIUSES! OBVS! These photos are so gorgeous and DJ and Claire are stunning! Yay for the littlest Aven and his beautiful Claire!!!! I love you alllllll!!!

October 22, 2012 - 6:31 pm

Claire Nugent - Tara and Ben – We love these pictures almost as much as we loved spending the afternoon with you two. You rock. Can’t wait for next year!!! xoxo

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