Jimmy and Anna. Engaged.

In my next life I’m coming back as Anna.  Look at the photos and then add the fact that she went to Harvard and you’ll arm wrestle me for that spot.  I don’t know the last time I’ve arm wrestled, actually.  I’m real bad at thumb war, though.   I’ve literally never won a single game with anyone who wasn’t a straight-up child. And I feel like I’ve never thumb wrestled with a child, either.  Which is good, huh?  I have real bad arrested development, but good god I have a boundary somewhere.Breaking kid’s thumbs is mean and you know it.

Gaahhhhd, anyway…  Jimmy and Anna are sooooo insanely awesome.  They’re both really smart and successful and gorgeous and funny and fun and cool as hell.  I love this couple so much.  They live in Central Square and they love that awesome neighborhood of theirs so that’s where we shot.  We just walked around the ‘hood and had a blast.  It was such a good time for Ben and I, we were high off it.  Ben is really into the natural high of life.  hahahahhaha.

Ya, so Jimmy and Anna are getting married (wait for it) in Puerto Rico in July!!!!   So awesome, right?  Ya, we’d lovvve to photograph it.  Maybe you guys could leave a comment or two on this post to show Jimmy and Anna what a good decision it would be to bring us to PR for the shoot.

Cool.  Awesome. Right On. Rad.  Smalls. Cool. Awesome. Rad. Hangover.

Jimmy and Anna, I want to be just like you.  It’s weird.  Keep being awesome so I can compare myself to you both and then feel real bad about all my shortcomings. 😉

love.  thank you. enjoy. puerto rico.



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