Jordie and Brendan. Married.

Nice to put a date on the calendar a couple of years out and have it be the nicest day of the year, huh?  This is what happened to Jordie and Brendan and their families last month.  Particularly special seeing Jordie has some sort of streak of bad weather luck going.:)

Ya, so Jordie and Brendan’s wedding was held at The Renaissance  Hotel here in Boston’s Seaport district. Our favorite rabbi, Rabbi Lev, had the honor of marrying these two love snugs.   If you aren’t in love with a rabbi yet you should be in love with Rabbi Lev.  Everybody else is, why not you?

Jordie and Brendan are smart and beautiful, kind and fun.  I can say the same for their families and their friends.  The wedding was warm and loving and fun, it was a high energy, lots o’ dancin and drinkin kindof a good time.  Can’t say enough good things.  Time to look at some pics.

thank you. enjoy. love.



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November 12, 2012 - 7:00 pm

Kristin - I’ve been waiting weeks to see the photo from the wedding and you guys did not disappoint! Love, love, love. And you guys were awesome – made me wish I was getting married again so I could hire you.

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