Introducing Hitched Studios’ newest family member!…and free engagement shoots!

We are so insaaanely proud and excited to introduce Hitched Studios’ newest addition.  Her name is Cyndi Stevens and we’ve been madly in love with her since the day we met three years ago. She’s been working hard with Hitched Studios for most of this season and we’re not sure how we did it without her.  Cyndi comes to us with a beautiful portfolio, limitless energy and enthusiasm, a love of people, dogs, family, her husband, photography, dancing, and lifting weights over her head way too many times in a row.  She’s a love-at-first-sight type if you’ve ever met one and you pretty much need her to photograph your wedding.  She’s smart and hilarious and loyal and thoughtful and kind.  Her work is a celebration of her subjects and she finds beauty in everything. She has many talents and seems to be good at everything, but her heart has been called to a life of photography.   On a personal note, I love and believe in this woman so very deeply. I would jump off a bridge if she said she’d catch me and I am so proud to have her on our team.  Some things are just meant to be and this is one of those things.

Introducing and now booking CYNDIIIIII STEEEEVENSSSS!!!!

Cyndi is offering SIX free engagement shoots between right this second and Christmas Day.

You want some?

If so, write us a short lil letter and tell us why you should be the really lucky couple!  Do you know someone who would love this?  Who deserves this? Well don’t be all stingy and whatnot, spread the word, son! *engaged couples only, pleeeeease.

Can’t wait to hear from you!  is where you can send Cyndi a quick write-up.

YAY!  Merry Everything!!  THANK YOU!!! xoxox




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November 14, 2012 - 12:55 pm

Joanna H - Woorrrrrrdddd!!!! Welcome and best Hitched wishes to CYNDI!! She’s okay, I guess. :)

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