Matt and Jenna. Weddin.

Love us some Matt and Jenna, we do.  Niiiiice, funny, giggly, cool, crazy chill, generous, kinda quiet in a cool and confident way,  and high school sweethearts.  I mean, c’mon…what’s not to like with that?  Their wedding was at The International in Bolton which is like our second home at this point.  No, it’s totally not, but we’ve shot four or five weddings there.  Their crazy cool so they have killer families who are funny and fun and like a gagillion friends.  OK, maybe not a gagillion.  A BUNCH of friends, though.  I’m tired, this is my last post until January, forgive me.  I love weddings. I love Matt and Jenna.  I love this job and this life. These are some of the pictures we took at their wedding. thank you.



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