Michael and Ben. Engaged.

Woop woop.  Love us some good lookin, smart, well dressed, nice guys!!   Michael and Ben are engaged to be wed up nicely at the Boston Public Library in August.  The Catered Affair is runnin’ the show and if we said we were looking forward to photographing their nuptials we’d be understatin’ like whoa. (that’s the sickest rhyme ever and I hope it’ll be stuck in my head all night.).   Aaanyway…. ya, Michael and Ben are awesome and a lovely match made right there in heaven. Here are some of their engagement shots.

Oh, and I’d be remiss in not noting that Ben and I and the rest of Hitched Studios are extremely proud to be living in a state that believes two people in love have the right to marry one another regardless of gender, race, or creed.  We believe any opinion other than this is a homophobic and terrifying show of ignorance.  We also believe you should be able to marry your fucking tractor trailer if you love that much.  Call us for pricing.

Enjoy. Love. Thank you.





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