Courtney and Katherine. Engaged.

What?! What’s this?? A new photographer, and twwwoooo gay couples in the same week?! They must have heard I played basketball in college.  Or maybe it’s the bowl cut. Cares. Hitched Studios is growing in leaps and bounds, and I am so psyched, proud, honored, and straight up giddy to be a part of it.

If you asked me how much I loved photographing Courtney and Katherine, I wouldn’t have to answer because my face lights up when I talk about them. They are smart, funny, nice, generous, happy, successful, gorgeous, and crazy in love. Oh, and Nemo is basically a dog model. just sayin’. These two have been together for a borderline decade, lived all over the country, and just recently made a home for themselves here in Boston. Lucky Boston, if you ask me. Katherine just finished law school, and Courtney is educating the young minds of some town we’ve never heard of. They’re getting married in August in DC. I’ve dropped at minimum 26 hints to Courtney that we’d love to photograph their wedding; I’m hoping I was obvious enough. Traveling, DC, girls, love, equality, happiness? Dreamland. Courtney and Katherine, I am way way beyond happy for you two and am over the moon honored to photograph you both. I loved every single second. Thank you. Love.

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