Holly and Govy. Engaged.

I’ve met Holly about a half dozen times over the last 7 years as she is the best friend of one of my college roommates. A couple 21st birthday parties and college visits, and maybe a graduation party thrown in there. Naturally, none of those memories are crystal clear. What I do remember about every time I met her was being blown away by how naturally gorgeous she is, and how I was almost annoyed that I actually liked her a little more every time. And then I met Govy. Govy’s first name is Sean… but I’m not sure he knows that. I actually started laughing when I was walking up to them last week because Holly looks like a straight up super model and Govy bears a strong resemblance to the ever confrontational hottest man alive, Ryan Gosling. It wasn’t a tough day for Cyndi. Not tough at all.

Never mind their good looks, Holly and Govy are stab me cute and in love. They make fun of one another, then then laugh about it together. Their relationship is so clearly built on respect, love, support, trust, laughter, and friendship. They are exactly the type of people I want to surround myself with day in and day out.  I love them so much that if they don’t hire me to photograph their wedding in March in Jamaica, I might just “accidentally vacation at the same resort, the same week, and bring my camera”. Creepy? I’m only kidding. kind of.

thank you guys. love. Jamaica. creep.

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