Giselle and Andy. engaged.

I’m lucky. I’ve said that about 1000 times in the past few months and meeting Giselle and Andy is no exception. They’re one of those annoyingly good looking couples that’s ridiculously photogenic and fun to be around. I said I was lucky, right? Not to mention they’re super chill, and funny, and nice, and interesting, they’re dog is the sweetest cuddle bug, they had their first date at a hookah bar, and I wanna be their friend for like 100 years. We tried to encompass just about everything we could for their engagement shoot which included their pup, their favorite hookah bar, some Christmas lights, and a lot of cuddling. We were together a long time, it wasn’t warm, and they were amazing. Can’t say thank you enough.

These two loves are getting married on an already perfect day this coming September at the State Room. They hired The Hot Knight’s (aka Turkuaz) for their band, so that might be fun.  The last time I saw Turkuaz perform I got in a straight up hair whipping contest with the lead singer; a whip-off if you will. Andy and Giselle were also at that show and thankfully don’t remember me. Not everyone get’s a second shot at first impressions, sometimes we’re lucky. enough about me, let’s look at pictures.

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